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Reykjavík - Vestmanneyjar

It takes 24 hours to sail there, 120 seamiles.

I arrive to Vestmannaeyjar and spend 1-2 days there and then head back.

You can explore the islands around and walk on the new lava.

Take a look at the culture and the unique bird life. 

Available is a bus tour where you can see all the wonders of Heimaey

Reykjavík - Breiðafjarðareyjar

We go from Reykjavik and sail 130-150 sea miles (one way).

We start off sailing to Ólafsvík or Grundarfjörður which are little seatowns in the west coast of Iceland. We stay there for one night and you can go to the local swimming pool and look around the town and it's culture. There after we sail to Flatey and stay there for one night where we use an anchor to park the yacht at Hraunskeifa which provides with great shelter from the winds during the night.  We sail to land on a little motor boat and enjoy walking around the island, visit a local and beautiful small church, take a look at the bird life and more.

Reykjavík - Hvalfjörður

What's this item about? What makes i You can sail into Hvalfjörður and stay there for the night at a very beautiful place in Hvammsvík in Kjós. There is a pier where you can park the yacht and take a look around and then eat a great dinner and enjoy the silence, fresh air and the magical Icelandic nature. Maybe have a barbeque and try to catch a fish. In a nice weather you can light a bonfire and have a great evening. t interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Reykjavík - Vestfirðir

Reykjavík - Vestfirðir

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