Reykjavík - Hvalfjörður

Hvalfjörður - Hvammsvík

One day (24 hours)


Bavaria 42 - With a captain and food included.

You can sail into Hvalfjörður and stay there for the night at a very beautiful place in Hvammsvík in Kjós. There is a pier where you can park the yacht and take a look around and then eat a great dinner and enjoy the silence, fresh air and the magical Icelandic nature. Maybe have a barbeque and try to catch a fish. In a nice weather you can light a bonfire and have a great evening.


It is very fun to sail this way and enjoy the beautiful nature along the way.


In Hvammsvík is a hot spring tub which is a very fun and enjoyable to relax in (if open).

2 kayaks are included.




This trip is with traditional Icelandic food

for exemble:

  • Icelandic lamb soup.

  • Fish (depending on what we catch)

  • Bread, Icelandic cheese, etc

  • we also take special wishes

Icelandic Boat  &  Yacht rental

Icelandic Boat &  Yacht rental

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