Reykjavík - Breiðafjarðareyjar

Rent a Bavaria 42 with a captain

A trip from Reykjavik to Breiðafjörður and Stykkishólmur. The trip takes 5-6 days.



We go from Reykjavik and sail 130-150 sea miles (one way).

We start off sailing to Ólafsvík or Grundarfjörður which are little seatowns in the west coast of Iceland. We stay there for one night and you can go to the local swimming pool and look around the town and it's culture. There after we sail to Flatey and stay there for one night where we use an anchor to park the yacht at Hraunskeifa which provides with great shelter from the winds during the night.  We sail to land on a little motor boat and enjoy walking around the island, visit a local and beautiful small church, take a look at the bird life and more.

Then we sail to Stykkishólmur which is a very beautiful town and many people think it is most beautiful town in Iceland. Stykkishólmur is municipality situated in the western part of Iceland to the north of the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

With its 1,100 inhabitants, it is a center of services and commerce for the area. Most of the people make their living from fishing and tourism




























More facts about Breiðafjörður:

Breiðafjörður is number two largest bay in Iceland, about 50 km wide and 125 km long and located in the west of Iceland. Breiðafjörður has a spectacular land and seascape consisting of shallow seas, small fjords and bays and an inner part of intertidal areas dotted with about 3,000 islands, islets and skerries. The vast majority of the islands are now deserted. We visit Flatey and stay there one night

Flatey in Breiðarfjörður is the largest island of the western islands, a cluster of about forty large and small islands and islets located in Breiðafjörður on the northwestern part of Iceland. Flatey is some two kilometers long and about one kilometer wide, of which most is flat land with scarcely any hills to be found. Besides of sheep, most of Flatey's natural life consists of various kinds of mostly migratory birds, especially the puffin.

Icelandic Boat  &  Yacht rental

Icelandic Boat &  Yacht rental

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